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Adult Literacy Services (ALS)

For almost thirty years Adult Literacy Services have been readily available through California's public libraries. These critical services help English-speaking adults improve their reading and writing skills so they can reach their potential as workers, parents, community members and life-long learners.

The key to the success of California Library Literacy Services is that instruction is provided in a one-to-one or small group setting by trained volunteers. As a result, a customized approach can be taken with each adult. This individualization means that adults learn what they need to learn, at their own pace, and are able to directly apply their new skills to their lives. Libraries may also provide additional family literacy services to their adult learners with children under age 5.

Library literacy staff members provide outreach and support services such as recruitment, initial and ongoing training, and coordination of volunteer tutors and learners.

Adult Literacy Services represent a partnership between the California State Library and local city and county library systems, a partnership working to improve the literacy skills of nearly 20,000 Californians annually. Adult Literacy Services are available in over 800 library branches and other outlets statewide.

As "the people's university," public libraries are ideal settings for Adult Literacy Services. They're easily accessed in most communities and provide a congenial, information-rich environment in which adult learners can thrive.

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