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California Library Literacy Services (CLLS), a program of the California State Library, supports Californians by providing services to adults with low-literacy and their families through California public libraries. Over 20,000 adult learners each year are provided one-on-one or small group instruction by thousands of trained volunteer tutors in over 500 locations. Instruction is based on each individual learner's pace and goals. CLLS targets English speaking adults who struggle with basic reading and writing skills. As a result, these adults are voting for the first time, reading newspapers, reading aloud to their children, and securing jobs.

Libraries are ideal settings for literacy services. They are easy to access in communities and provide comfortable, information-rich environments where new readers can thrive. The service is provided confidentially and free of charge in the non-threatening library environment -- crucial qualities in attracting these hard-to-reach adults who don't have the skills and/or comfort level to attend traditional classroom-based programs.

Literacy Services

The California Library Literacy Services encompasses the following programs: