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Mission & Values


The mission of California Library Literacy Services is to enable Californians of all ages to reach their literacy goals and use library services effectively.


California Library Literacy Services are:

  • Regular Library Services
    Library-based literacy services bring a new and diverse clientele to the library, while enhancing library visibility and community goodwill. They help libraries fulfill their mission by providing information and resource sharing, as well as opportunities for life-long learning.
  • Learner Goal Oriented
    Our interest is in helping learners meet their goals for improving their basic skills, not solely in helping them achieve increased test scores or grade levels. Learner-centered literacy instruction supports adult learners and their families in their major life roles as community members, workers, family members and life-long learners.
  • Always Free to the Learner
    While library literacy services may charge a third party, such as a workplace, for services, instruction is always provided for free to the "end-user," the adult learner or participating family.
  • Respectful of Volunteer Involvement
    Volunteer tutors and other volunteers are fundamental to the success of library literacy services. We honor and value their commitment and support.
  • Learner-Centered
    The niche for library literacy services is in serving those who have not succeeded in a classroom setting. Our service is individually geared to each learner and provided in a one-to-one or small group environment.
  • Grounded in Literacy for Adults
    Outreach to adults is the foundation of library literacy services because reaching the adult is the critical first step in addressing the literacy needs of the entire family. Serving adults provides continuity and a bridge to the family and the community.
  • Dedicated to Empowering Adult Learners
    Service to adult learners encompasses more than just tutor/student instruction; we support the creation of programming in which adult learners can meet and learn from each other. We recognize the value that adult learners bring to literacy services as active participants, volunteers, and as library literacy staff members.
  • Passionate Advocates
    For those involved in California Library Literacy Services, working in literacy services is an avocation, not just a job.
  • Supportive of Local Autonomy
    We value the autonomy of local literacy services. Each is unique because it is locally designed to meet the specific needs of the diverse community it represents.
  • Well Situated for Learning
    We believe the library is uniquely suited for literacy services as it provides a comfortable, supportive, and enriching atmosphere for learners and their families.
  • State/Local Partnerships
    Because literacy is viewed as a core library service, both the state and local levels strive to ensure continuity of programming. The state funding process provides a continual baseline of support based on achievement of minimum standards and reporting requirements. In addition, a strong healthy library literacy service is funded in large measure by its local jurisdiction, and the state funding process rewards that commitment.
  • Diverse
    We believe that the strongest library literacy services are those that value the various learning styles, ethnicities, ages, and abilities of their learners, volunteers, staff, and communities.
  • Team Oriented
    We value taking a team approach at the local, regional and state levels of California Library Literacy Services.
  • Agents of Change
    By teaching life skills as an integrated part of learning to read and write, library literacy services have far-reaching impact. They change the lives of learners, and this positively affects their families, their tutors, and the community.
  • Inclusive of English as a Second Language
    While the primary focus of California Library Literacy Services is literacy for English speaking adults, we support those libraries that have targeted ESL parents through the English Language Literacy Intensive (ELLI) program or have identified other resources to provide ESL services in communities where there is a need.
  • A Family of Learners
    We value continuing education and life-long learning for all literacy stakeholders.
  • Family Oriented
    Library literacy services regularly include whole families in their programming and acknowledge the importance of this support system for participating adults. We also recognize the parent as the child's first and most important teacher and actively support learners in this important role.
  • Committed to Quality Service
    Literacy services are cost effective, driven by community needs, and outcomes based. They provide an excellent value for the library, the community, the legislature, and the taxpayer.