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Mobile Library Literacy Services (MLLS)

Mobile Library Literacy Services (MLLS) vehicles are outfitted for and provide literacy programming for both adults and children. They deliver literacy and other services to "hard to reach" and other underserved families in many parts of the state.

They visit low-income housing developments, migrant camps, local day care centers, Head Start programs, recreation centers, family resource centers and community health clinics to reach their target audience of families with children ages 0-5.

Nearly the size of a school bus, these vehicles offer extensive programming similar to the literacy programs found in the public libraries, including story times, language development activities such as puppet shows, and books for borrowing and giving away. The programming models reading behaviors for parents and caregivers, so children can continue the learning at home.

Some of the vehicles are equipped with computers, powered by generators like you'd find on an RV, that are loaded with pre-school software such as Blue's Clues and Reader Rabbit. This access enables families without a computer in the home to become familiar with a mouse and keyboard.

This service proves that libraries are about much more than just providing books. They provide resources to the community, regardless of age or income. Services like these can have a long-lasting impact on families. Introducing parents and caregivers to early literacy concepts, and even helping them to improve their own literacy skills are critical steps in helping a child prepare to learn to read.

Research shows that being read to and having access to books in the home sets the foundation for all of a child's later literacy and learning. The MLLS vehicles help to ensure that children in California have the opportunity to receive books and have a positive experience with them prior to entering school.

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