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CLLS New Coordinator/Administrator Orientation
November 5, 2015
California Library Association – Pasadena

CLLS History and Law (19:33).


Program Values, Essentials, and Funding Formula (8:08)


How We Operate: Reporting Requirements (19:54)


How We Operate: Roles & Goals (13:30)


Finding Resources (13:02)


Finding Volunteers through Volunteer Match (22:39)


Blended Tutor Training – Combining Live and Online Instruction (3:37)


Tutor Recruitment


Learner Recruitment (3:10)


Tutor Assessment (1:33


Learner Assessment (4:27)


Learner/Tutor Orientations (1:52)


Wait Lists and Ideas for Immediate Involvement (7:09)


Setting Tutor/Learner Relationship Boundaries (1:41)


Privacy, Confidentiality, and Safety Issues (3:55)


Gathering and Storing Reporting Data (8:10)


Integration of Literacy Program with other Library Services (9:48)


Importance of Regional Networks (5:27)


Staffing the Literacy Program (3:04)