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Best Practice Workshop Presenters

California Library Literacy Services usually sets aside funds for each of its eight regional networks around the state to provide professional development within the network. It is generally assumed that each network can hold at least two, 2 - 4 hour "Best Practice" workshops with these funds, including the Presenter fee and travel expense reimbursements. NOTE: There is no additional money for travel. Travel costs must also be taken out of the amount allocated for each network's total for the year.

Please review the Best Practice Workshop Procedures before scheduling, and feel free to share the Best Practice Workshop Application with any outstanding presenters who would like to be included on this site.

You are not limited to these presenters. They have been provided for your review only, and have not been vetted by CLLS. They have provided references for you to contact if your network members are interested in what they have to offer.
Best Practice Workshops Procedures for CLLS Regional Networks PDF
Best Practice Workshops Presenter Application Form PDF