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Inspired Learning Partners Enhancing Literacy Services (ILPELS)

The purpose of the ILPELS Project has been to address the need for a pre-service training for prospective volunteer literacy tutors that would better prepare them to be successful, satisfied tutors in library literacy programs. Complementing some of the same philosophies of library literacy programs and a learner-centered approach, The Inspired Learning Model™ seemed a natural fit.

The Inspired Learning Model™ (ILM) focuses on the process of facilitating learning rather than on specific content. Three partner libraries agreed to develop, implement, and evaluate pre-service training for volunteer literacy tutors based on The Inspired Learning Model™, tying content of Tutor Training Workshops to the philosophies of ILM.

The Inspired Learning Model enhances the learner-centered approach by

  • Ensuring a safe and fun learning environment
  • Honoring the learner as an equal partner in the learning process
  • Facilitating mastery by engaging with the target content in a variety of ways
  • Acknowledging the learner’s success rather than pointing out errors.


Sheila Mitchell
Opportunity to Read
Watsonville Public Library

6:30 minutes
Lulu Tapia
Opportunity to Read
Watsonville Public Libraryy

1:47 minutes


Project Background

Foundation for Inspired Learning

Introduction to the Inspired Learning Model [doc - pdf]

Training & Tools

Lessons Learned [doc - pdf]