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Roles & Goals Curriculum

If you are a participant in California Library Literacy Services (CLLS), you are familiar with the Roles & Goals goal-setting process where you identify the very reasons that learners come for literacy help: maybe it's in order to find a job, or to learn the alphabet, or read aloud to a child or any number of reasons.

Once these goals have been brought to light, then tutoring sessions must be designed to address these goals – no matter the reading level of the learner.  The CLLS prides itself in being learner-centered, so by focusing attention on the learner's goals, and then shaping reading and writing practice around those objectives, we truly put the learner's needs first.

However, up until now, it wasn't easy to create tutoring sessions around goals; you were pretty much on your own…  Enter the Roles & Goals Curriculum.  Literacy volunteers and staff from across the state have contributed to this effort bringing together activities, ideas, games, materials, websites, tips, insider information, and sound advice for accomplishing many of the goals you find on the Roles and Goals form.  It's all here in one place, ready for you to download and use.

We all owe a huge show of gratitude to the contributing writers. They brought a wealth of knowledge and experience to this project. Moreover, they took time out of their busy schedules to focus on work which will be of long-term benefit to us all. Many thanks to them on behalf of tutors, learners and staff everywhere!


Write a Letter - pdf
Learn the alphabet, letters and sounds - pdf
Read a book - pdf
Read a newspaper - pdf
Read magazines - pdf
Learn to type/use computer keyboard - pdf
Search the Internet - pdf
Pass part or all of the GED test - pdf
Fill Out a Job Application- pdf
Find a job: search want-ads/on-line - pdf
Write a resume' - pdf
Interview for a job - pdf
Get a job or get a better job or promotion - pdf
Perform current job tasks better - pdf
Interact with Schools/Teachers pdf
Plan Nutritious Meals pdf
Write checks/pay bills - pdf
Read medicine labels - pdf
Share a book with children/family - pdf
Take children to library storytime - pdf
Speak to others about the literacy program - pdf
Get involved with a community issue - pdf
Get a drivers' license - pdf
Prepare to vote/Vote - pdf
Become a volunteer - pdf
Pass the citizenship test - pdf