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Implementing the Roles & Goals Process

A hallmark of California Library Literacy Services is its learner-centered service commitment -- helping learners meet their own personal goals for literacy improvement -- rather than solely helping them achieve increased test scores or grade levels. This being the case, the challenge is for the State Library to capture -- and statistically represent -- the amazing changes that are happening in individual adult learners' lives thanks to their participation in library literacy services.

The Roles & Goals form promises to do just this. It provides a way for the State Library to aggregate local achievements and then showcase them in terms of statewide impact. Of course while this form is helpful as a periodic check-up, it does not give you everything you need to support your tutors and learners in their day-to-day work together. That is something that this web page will try to do. Here you'll find tools, resources, even video clips to help you improve service to adult learners and make your services the best they can be. If you have materials that you think would be appropriate for this page and helpful to the field, please contact the State Library Literacy Team (Andrea Freeland).

Roles & Goals Forms, Instructions, and Demonstration Videos

Curriculum for Roles & Goals

Additional Assessment and Accountability Resources

Webcast: Valerie Reinke - July 25, 2007 - All about Roles & Goals